Ss. Peter and Paul’s N. S. is committed to providing for the pupils a safe, secure and healthy environment where they are encouraged to meet their potential to the best of their ability.

The pupils will be encouraged to develop all their talents – academic, creative, spiritual and physical – and support will be given for their endeavours in these areas.

Each pupil’s individuality is recognised and mutual tolerance and general adherence to Christian values is expected.

Parents are acknowledged as their Children’s first teachers and as such are encouraged to work together with teachers for the benefit of their children. Good relationships between pupils, staff and parents are recognised as of intrinsic value to all involved in the lives of the children.

Every effort will be made to build on the pupil’s initiative and sense of responsibility, both personal and in terms of their environment and an awareness of the needs of others will be developed wherever possible.

It is the aim of Ss. Peter and Paul’s N. S. and its staff to produce young gentlemen who will leave the school blessed with self confidence and a willingness to face the future, blessed with self discipline and respect