Senior Band

Founded in 1993 our school brass and reed band has gone from strength to strength over the years. The senior band has members from 4th to 6th class who play a range of instruments including trumpet, trombone, euphonium, flute, clarinet and saxophone as well as percussion instruments. Instruments are supplied by the school and tuition takes place after school each week.

The band performs annually at several school events and ceremonies and also at Cór Fhéile in City Hall, Cork. The band is a familiar sight on the streets of Clonmel at Christmas time playing carols to fund raise for local charities.

Many of our members continue to play music with Banna Chluain Meala when they leave Ss. Peter and Paul’s.  Indeed several have gone on to pursue music as a career.


Junior Band

3rd class boys are encouraged to join the school’s Junior Band to develop their music reading skills and learn to play an instrument.

The boys follow an initial 10 week music reading programme where they learn the recorder. On completion of this programme the boys are helped to select a suitable brass or reed instrument to continue on their music journey.

The Junior Band boys give their first recital on recorder at Christmas time. Parents and family members are always impressed with how much the boys have learnt in such a short time.

After a busy 2nd and 3rd term and plenty of practice at home the boys are ready for their first Brass and Reed performance. The members then look forward to joining the Senior Band.


2020-2021 Band programme

We have had to be very creative to continue our music programme this year as restrictions meant that wind instruments could not be taught.

Following much disappointment from members and frustration from tutors we devised a percussion programme to maintain the members’ music reading skills and continue their engagement with music.

Chimebars, glockenspiels, boomwhackers, handbells, snare drums and bass drums were brought in to service. A period of experimentation and discovery allowed pupils to enjoy the range of sounds they could create.

Pupils were taught to imitate and create rhythms and later to play along with familiar tunes.