A Christian Brothers school was first introduced to Clonmel and to this locality in 1847, when a Clonmel man, Bro. Francis Thornton, became the first Principal, a position he held until 1862. The Brothers had been invited to Clonmel by Charles Bianconi when he was mayor in 1845. The number on Rolls in the first year was approximately 500 pupils.

In 1849 the first monastery for the Christian Brothers was erected also in the present locality and the High School came into operation in 1890.

In 1926, Ss. Peter and Paul’s School was placed under the National Education Board, which provided the school with Government grants, where previously it was locally financed. Early efforts to provide the school with the necessary sports facilities resulted in a small field close to the school being bought in 1927, and a playground was laid in 1944.

The foundation stone for the new school was laid on Tuesday, December 8th 1964, the school was first occupied on 28th June 1967, but the official opening was delayed until early December. Mr. Donough O’Malley, performed the official opening as he was the then Minister for Education. The “Old” School was demolished in February 1971, but in August 1973, because of rising numbers and a reduced pupil teacher ratio, the old High School was used to house a number of Primary classes. In 1979 an extension was opened. In 1987 the first layman, Mr.Tommy Norris, was appointed principal of the school. The present principal is Ms. Yvonne Moran.