The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Teacher in the school is Deirdre Fenlon.  The HSCL is there to support parents and can be contacted at 087 443 0832,

Our school is a community of teachers, parents and students and the HSCL acts as a link for that community.

Our school is also a participant in the wider community of Clonmel.  The HSCL acts as a link to community partners such as the local ETB, Clonmel Community Mothers, Barnardos, etc.

As primary educators of the children, parents are welcomed into the school and encouraged to participate in a variety of initiatives to enhance the lives and the learning experiences of their families.

The Parents’ Room is located on the first floor of the main building and is the hub of lots of adult education activities.  Some of the activities to be held yearly are:

  • English Classes with ETB Tutor in the ETB Adult Learning Centre on Dillon Street. Contact Deirdre for details
  • Maths workshops for parents  
  • Family Learning Classes 
  • Fitness classes (every Monday and Wednesday in School Hall 9-10 am) €3.
  • Gaeilge for parents
  • Meditation classes for parents
  • Art and Craft classes for parents
  • Baking / Cookery classes for parents
  • Woodwork classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Internet Safety / Cyber awareness classes
  • Substance Misuse Awareness for 5th / 6th class parents


Other initiatives or ways parents can help in our school are:

  • Christmas Floral arrangements with students and parents
  • Maths Eye Competition in October
  • Uniform swap day in June 

If you are interested in any of these events or have ideas for other events please contact Deirdre Fenlon at 087 443 0832 or call to the Parents’ Room. Check out the Parent Classes page for information on our current class schedule.